1. Introducing Art of Xanadu (AOX), helmed by Riza (RZ) Shahid, a visionary in the realm of creative expression. At our core, we are purveyors of mesmerizing music, weaving stories through captivating compositions.

As a premier source for music, we offer a diverse library and creatives for those seeking new sounds for their projects. Our passion for music extends beyond mere composition; it’s a narrative journey that transcends boundaries.

2. But our ambitions don’t end there. Art of Xanadu seamlessly integrates with the film industry.

Lending our expertise to craft compelling sounds to fit narratives and direct projects that resonate deeply with audiences.

3. And that’s not all. We’re proud to unveil our own distinctive clothing line, a fusion of innovation and artistry that reflects the ethos of our musical endeavors.

Welcome to Art of Xanadu, where creativity knows no bounds, and every creation is a symphony waiting to be heard.